Empress Engagement Victoria // Lindsey + Kevin

Ahhh!  It brings back so many good memories blogging these sessions from our pre-pandemic life. Lindsey and Kevin came all the way from Vancouver to Victoria for their Empress engagement photos in 2019. In case you are wondering, yes I am practically TWO YEARS BEHIND ON BLOGGING!  YIKES!  But anyways, I digress. These two came over for their photos and we had the best time ever.  They were hoping for a more urban vibe so we wandered around the grounds of the Empress Hotel.  The way that Kevin makes her laugh is just the sweetest. I can tell he feels like the luckies guy on earth to have this mega-babe in his life (duh!).
Since these photos were taken a lot has happened. Unfortunately COVID forced Lindsey and Kevin to cancel their Victoria wedding.  Super bummer for me!  But in better news they did end up getting married in an intimate ceremony last summer. I’m so happy for them that they were able to go ahead with it all. I of course wish I was there but wish them all the best. I’m crossing my fingers that our paths cross again in the very near future.
For now here are a few of my favourite images from our time together at the Empress Hotel.

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