Another Cute Girl’s Birthday

Apparently this family likes to get busy in the spring.  All three siblings have a child born in either November or December.  On one hand it’s kind of nice to see everyone so often during the holiday months but by the time January rolls around, I predict everyone will be pretty spent. Financially, emotionally, and physically.   After little Ava turned 2, next up was Taya – Ava’s cousin and my “other niece”. Although I don’t see her nearly as often (and she tends to scream when I hold her), she is equally as adorable. I mean, come on – look at that face! 

We had Taya’s birthday party at my house and much to my dismay, it was the night after my staff xmas party.  I would like to say that I was responsible and came home at a decent hour since I was expecting a multitude of wee ones, but instead I found myself crawling into bed at an ungodly hour the night before. Needless to say I had to take a time out not once but twice during the birthday festivities.  Aside from feeling like the little drummer boy was actually beating his tune inside my head, I had a good time chillin with all the cute little kids and family.  Even though Taya cried for the first hour or so, she eventually came around when people started to leave. I don’t blame her – who likes a crowd?  Poor little chickadee.  Check her out…what a cutie!





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