A Resolution of Sorts

One great thing about keeping a blog is being able to look back on your thoughts a year, two years, or whatever ago. I was checking out my 2012 Resolution blog today and wondering what my resolutions should be this year. My 366 days of photos in 2012 was a big challenge and because of that I honestly feel like not making any resolutions this year.  2013 is going to be my year to enjoy my life!  I worked so hard last year that I got physically and emotionally burnt out and burn out isn’t good for myself or my clients. I still have business goals and personal goals but I’m going to be a little easier on myself this year. If there was one thing I learned in 2012 it’s that no matter how great I am at multi-tasking I still can’t do EVERYTHING. I also recently read a theory about creativity claiming that your most creative ideas come to you when you are most in tune with yourself and when you are relaxed. Your brain functions in a different way during relaxation. I know for myself, many of my good ideas come to me before I go to sleep or in the middle of the night. Always keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed!  I’m going to test this theory out in 2013 and focus on my health, happiness and relaxation and see what kind of creative ideas flow!  

And on that note I am offically declaring my 2013 resolution to HAVE NO RESOLUTIONS!  Imagine that. Here’s to a year of laughing a little louder, dreaming a little bigger and making the world a little brighter. 

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