Caley’s Bridal Shower

What do you get when you put a classy group of ladies together in a back yard on a sunny Sunday with loads of wine & champagne?  SUNDAY FUNDAY!! Well, technically it was actually Caley’s bridal shower but it was a Sunday funday of sorts.  I had the honour of photographing this lovely lady’s wedding this past September but since I’m playing catch up on my blogs I thought I should share some photos from her bridal shower first. 

Both Caley and her sister (who was also her maid of honour) have impeccable taste and the shower was a testament to that.  The lush back yard was tastefully decorated with colorful lanterns and there were the most gorgeous flowers everywhere you looked.  I could go on forever about the amazing food including probably the best tasting cake in the world. I had never even heard of hummingbird cake before but man am I glad that I have been enlightened!  After tasting all three (yes three!) cakes amongst other amazing goodies, we hung out in the backyard sipping our vino and bubbles and there was even a palm reader / tarot card reader in attendance – what a great idea for a bridal shower!  To boot, there were no cheesy games! Love that.   As much fun as it can be to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper, it’s nice to switch it up and offer different entertainment to the guests. To be honest, I was in attendance as a guest and not a “photographer” so I wasn’t really supposed to bring my camera but I just couldn’t resist.  I’m a sucker for details and I knew that this event would make for a good blog.  I promise to share more photos from Caley & Seans drop dead gorgeous wedding very soon. Happy Sunday!

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