Teena & George Married in Mexico!

I don’t normally answer my phone on Sundays because it’s my one day off a week.  However on this particular Sunday I decided to check to my voice mail and had a message from George with regards to a potential destination wedding. Obviously I called him back ASAP (with shaking hands and heart palpitations). After hearing that him and Teena had just found out their photographer was no longer in business they were a bit panicky to find someone else to travel to Puerto Vallarta with them to photograph their wedding in October.  Clearly this was meant to be!  We set up a time to meet and immediately hit it off. These two were just so laid back and sweet – I loved them immediately! 

Because this was my first destination wedding, to say I was nervous would have been an understatement. I mean, I am travelling into another country to document the most important day of their lives – I had better not screw it up!  Thankfully the day went off without a hitch and it was absolutely beautiful.  Teena and George’s friends and family treated myself and my fiancé like family and made sure that we were included in every aspect of their activities throughout the week at the resort as well as their wedding.  The week was full of boating adventures, karaoke nights and of course daytime pool parties (you need to take advantage of the free drinks at an all inclusive obviously). We had such a blast and I am forever grateful that they trusted me to document their destination wedding.  Not only did I add a destination wedding to my portfolio but I made some new friends along the way. Thank you guys so so much – we can’t wait to hang out with you again! 

When I asked Teena what her “something blue” was she answered with “well we aren’t really traditional, I dont’ have anything”. Her mom quickly found a blue comb and claimed that was her something blue. Awesome.

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