Keith & Linda Ramsay

I met with Linda and Keith at their beautiful condo in Sidney on the sunniest afternoon of 2013 so far. We decided to take a walk around the property of their condo and snap some photos since they live near the water. It’s sooo beautiful out there!  I don’t get a chance to spend much time in Sidney but I should – it’s unbelievable! Within the hour we saw two swans, seals and a blue heron – pretty awesome.  Linda and Keith have been married for 48 years (!) and they are still going strong.  I found them both so interesting and we shared such great conversation that I didn’t want to leave!  They have this map up in their house with pins in every place they have traveled to (there are a lot of pins in there) and I love hearing people’s experiences traveling.  I can only hope to have a marriage as happy and long as this one – thank you both for opening up your home to me, sharing your stories and letting me document your everlasting love. Here’s to 48 more happy years to come!


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