Victoria Boudoir Photography

I ‘m kind of obsessed with boudoir.   As much as I love weddings (and I DO), there is something about boudoir that I just can’t get enough of.  On wedding days there is so much pressure and usually I am so focused that I don’t get to relax and really enjoy the day until I get home and load my photos onto my computer. At this point  I can assure myself I got all the important shots that were needed to tell the story of what is one of the most important day of my client’s lives.  No pressure, right?  Don’t get my wrong – I LOVE photographing weddings. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it.  It’s just that it’s nice to mix it up with some sessions that aren’t so high stress.

Boudoir sessions are extremely fun.  I get to bond with the girls, play a bit of dress up when they get their hair and makeup done, consult on their sexy wardrobe and hang out in a swanky suite at the Fairholme Manor listening to music and snapping photos!  Every time I do one of these sessions I literally think THIS CAN’T BE MY JOB.  I never understood the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” until I entered into the photography business.  Not only do I love the boudoir sessions themselves but I love what they can do for a woman’s self esteem. Every girl I have photographed has expressed to me how liberating it was to have done a boudoir session.  Empowering women and making them feel great about themselves while having a great time? Count me in.

I hope to do more of these sessions in the future so if you are curious about details please don’t be shy to get in touch. I love hearing from you.

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