The Wilson/Sheppard Family Photos

I love it when I get to take photos of people that I know and especially those that I haven’t seen in a long time.  I grew up with this family in Bella Coola. They used to live right around the corner from me and Krista and I were really good friends.  She had horses and I had a four-wheeler so we were always on the go ripping around the neighborhood.  Plus she lived beside a gravel pit which is great for four-wheeling, obviously!   It’s been YEARS since I have seen everyone – Krista lives in Ontario, her parents still live in Bella Coola, her step-sister Jen lives in Victoria and her step-brother Mark lives in Vancouver. So to have everyone together in Victoria and in front of my camera was very rare.  It was really great seeing you all and catching up – this is one session I enjoyed thoroughly!  Here are some of my favorites:

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