Brad & Erin // Victoria Engagement Photography

This was by far the most “eventful” photo session I’ve EVER had. I met with Brad and Erin downtown by Union Pacific Coffee shop to start their engagement session because this is where they got engaged.  Next we continued to walk around the downtown area and take advantage of the awesome evening light.  If you are a fellow Victorianite (is that right?) you are probably familiar with the famous whale mural wall down on Wharf Street. We were heading down to the water near there and there were some colorful people hanging around which is pretty normal in that area. The next thing I know there is a guy with his shirt off, clearly intoxicated, running flow blown towards us. My instincts told me to run so I did.  Meanwhile he heads straight for Brad and starts trying to attack him and threatening him. It was insane!   Brad obviously had quicker reflexes so he managed to avoid this guy and we tried to get out of there by heading up to Bastion Square along the road.  This guy continues to follow us, yelling after Brad and trying to attack him again. By the time we crossed the street in front of D’arcy’s (a local pub) we had a crowd of spectators.  An employee of D’arcy’s came out and tried to help us. A few people called the cops and we were invited into the Local patio (another pub) to hang out with some strangers and try to protect ourselves from this guy.  He wandered off (NOT in a straight line hahah) and the cops eventually came to talk to Brad about what happened. 20 minutes later we see the same guy still walking around still shirtless picking fights with people.  SERIOUSLY?!!  By that time I think he had forgotten how much he had wanted to fight Brad, thank god.  The whole thing was just so crazy and a little unnerving.  Brad was the utmost gentleman the whole time promising to protect me and Erin.  I’m just glad no one got hurt and looking back now it’s kind of a funny story.

Whew! Sorry for the long post but I really couldn’t let that story not get written on my blog.  Aside from our little “incident” I had such a great time wandering around Victoria getting to know these two. They are quite possibly the easiest couple I have ever photographed because their love for one another and their easy interaction translates so well in photos.  They were just so perfectly themselves and I happened to be there with my camera to capture it.  I can’t wait for this wedding at Kildara Farms in only a week and a half!   Here are a few of my favorites from our eventful E session.

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