Cheap date night ideas

Let’s face it, most people these days don’t have a whole lot of extra money, ESPECIALLY when planning a wedding.  When my husband and I were planning ours we scrimped and saved which meant there wasn’t any extra money left over for our usual date nights.  Having little or no money should not mean compromising your relationship or fun, especially in stressful times when you need your together time the most.  I thought I would throw some ideas out there for future brides who are finding it hard to have date nights due to their monetary situation.  Some of these might not be up your alley but keep your mind open – you may end up having a good time going outside your comfort zone!

These are my cheap date night ideas:

1. Cook together. Every time my husband and I decide to cook or bake together we end up having a really fun time. Our kitchen is the size of a pea pod and that can actually make things even more romantic (look at me being an optimist).  Choose a dish that you wouldn’t normally make – like a curry from scratch or a fresh baked pie.  Find the recipe together, shop for the ingredients together and cook together.  And don’t forget to keep the wine flowing of course!  Sit down over candlelight to eat your creation and enjoy your romantic and cheap evening together. You have to eat so it’s not like you are spending any extra money on your stay at home date.

2. Games night. We love playing games together and often play for bets. For example we play a lot of crib for massages.  The loser has to give the winner a foot massage for a minimum of 10 minutes. Playing games for bets just adds a little extra competitive edge. I’ve got my husband so wrapped around my finger that if I play my cards right I can STILL get a massage even if I lose. I hope he doesn’t read this or it’s probably never going to happen again.

3. Work out together. I love going to a yoga class with my husband. It takes some persuasion and it’s like pulling teeth to get him there but we always have such a good time and he thanks me profusely afterwards. If yoga isn’t your significant other’s thing then convince him/her to try a new class or even just go on a bike ride together. It’s free, fun and healthy. Why not? If you have a bit of extra money then rent a kayak. Every summer we kayak around the inner harbour and the Gorge. Afterwards we go for a drink at a pub and have a bite to eat. It’s so much fun!

4. Go for dessert. If you don’t have the money for a dinner out then why not eat at home and go for a dessert?  We love going to Qoola and loading up on our favorite frozen yogurt topped with fruit and chocolate. Walk around and do some window shopping afterwards to get rid of those calories you just consumed and you are good to go.

5. Take a mini road trip. If you have the time, why not take a short road trip to somewhere you have never been before? Pick a place on the map that neither of you have seen like a little known beach or a cute café.  Take the scenic route, crank the tunes and enjoy each other’s company.  What is more romantic than an adventure with your other half?  I’m obsessed with road trips. Tom Petty is a must.

I would love to hear your ideas for cheap date nights so if you have any holla!  Who doesn’t need to save money?  Thanks for reading and happy (thrifty) dating 🙂

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