Cancun travels

I was lucky enough to travel to Cancun for the first time last November to shoot a wedding (you can see the post here). My husband came with me because I had the majority of the week free to do whatever I wanted.  Since we couldn’t afford to go on a honeymoon because we renovated our bathroom instead (romantic, I know) we decided that we were going to make this trip our honeymoon. When life hands you lemons make a lemon martini right?!

We had such a good time exploring Cancun and even took a couple of day trips to Isla Mujeures and the Mayan Ruins.  I thought I would share a few of my personal travel photos. I don’t usually take too many photos when I’m not working because I like to stay in the moment and not live behind my camera lens but I managed to take my camera on our two outings.  When I’m not shooting for a client I relax and don’t worry about taking great photos so excuse the un-perfectness (totally a word) of these. Here is a peek into my own personal scrapbook photos. Except I don’t scrapbook because I’m not crafty.

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