10 things you don’t know about me.

You know those (at times really annoying) facebook trends you see every month or so?  Sometimes it’s a picture people are sharing on their wall and you see it EVERYWHERE. Or a secret status change to something like “purple socks” that all women are doing in support of a cause. Well the most recent one I saw on facebook was people listing 10 things that others didn’t know about them. This was the first one that I considered participating in. It was interesting to see what others put and I actually did learn some personal things about people that I had no idea about.  In light of 2014 being the year I blog more personal posts I thought this was a great way to start. Here are my 10 things most people might not know about me.

1. I used to be a barrel racer. The kind that competes in rodeos, NOT the ones where you get in a barrel and roll down a waterfall – someone actually thought this once. Hahahah.

2. I have OCD about strange things. For example if someone is using the microwave and stops it early leaving “2 seconds” on the clock it drives me mental and I have to clear it. I’m weird.

3. I’m pretty certain that I was a worm in a previous life. When I used to walk into my grandparent’s cellar and smelled dirt my mouth would water and I would get a really strange feeling. So obviously I used to be a worm.

4. I shave my arms. What can I say, I hate hair!

5. I see ladybugs EVERYWHERE.  My friend spoke to a woman once who was telling her about the Universe presenting you with certain symbols or things that you see often in your life. For her, the symbol was coins. When she was thinking about something that was important to her life path she would see a coin and it would confirm that she was on the right path.  Ever since that discussion with my friend I have seen ladybugs EVERYWHERE.  I swear. Ask my husband – he is starting to think it’s very strange and he doesn’t really believe in stuff like this. I see them in my house, randomly on the street (yes I notice them on a busy downtown street), on the beach, everywhere!   One time I was walking on this huge beach with my step son for about 10 minutes. We happened to stop and squat down to get a stick and there was a ladybug directly in front of me.  These hundreds of incidences are not coincidences. And obviously I should be a rapper.

6. I hate hash tags. I kind of get them and how they can be useful but I just hate them. It’s a waste of time to type all those words, don’t you think? I have better things to do. #sorry

7. I will never convert from real books to an e-reader. I like books, the smell of books, the feel of books, everything about REAL books.  And I also judge books by their cover. I won’t buy a book unless I like the look of a cover.

8. I love going to the casino.  And buying scratch and wins. And Vegas. Don’t worry – I know my limit and play within it 🙂

9. My grandpa cut off his baby toe because it started to rub when he wore his favorite pair of cowboy boots. This is a true story.  He loved the boots more than he needed that toe (those boots were actually buried with him too). He convinced the doctor to do it and the only reason he agreed was because he knew my grandpa personally and knew he would do it himself if he didn’t do it safely for him. What can I say, he was a bad ass mother you know what.  And he asked the doctor if he could keep the bone to make me a necklace but the doctor wouldn’t let him.  Damn! Talk about original jewellery.

10. I got my tongue pierced when I was 16. Without my mom’s permission. And I was promptly forced to take it out.  I was secretly happy because even though I loved the way it looked I had a lisp that I just couldn’t shake.

That’s it folks! If you have any random, weird or interesting facts about you I would love to hear them in the comments section.  Thanks for stopping by!

Photo credit: Chelsea Jean Photography

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