Jay & Susie // Deep Cove Wedding

When I look back on my summer this was definitely one of the most fun weddings I got to experience. For one it was completely unique. Jay and Susie decided to surprise their friends and family at their rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding by actually getting married.  Of course I love a good surprise so was all about this. Everyone’s reactions were so great – some people still didn’t realize they had actually gotten married until after it was all over!  There were tears, laughter and everything in between.  The next day they went ahead with the “real wedding” in front of a larger crowd of friends and family but of course it was a lot more relaxed since they had already done the deed.  There was lots of champagne, champagne sabering, dancing, oyster shots, the threat of a thunder storm and lots and lots of good times in between. So much fun.  I’m forever grateful I got to be a part of it.   Here are some of my favorites parts from both days. *Beware – this is a loooong post. I just couldn’t narrow it down :)* 

Part 1 – “The Surprise”

Jay’s parents live in a stunning waterfront house in Deep Cove which was the perfect place both to get married. Both the rehearsal dinner (aka “real wedding”) and the wedding the following day were held here. I couldn’t think of a more perfect location.

Part 2- The Wedding Day.

The ladies got ready in a GORGEOUS house owned by the groom’s Aunt and Uncle right next door to his parents house. Also waterfront and also completely amazing. I wanted to move in. Still do.

Everyone chipped in to help make the location even more stunning. There were tons of hand crafted details to add personal touches to the day.

This was a super cool lounge/smoking area decorated with furniture from the bride’s grandmother who had passed away. I thought this was such a great tribute to her.

This was no doubt my favorite part of the day. As a joke Susie started playing Lionel Richie’s classic “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” when walking down the isle to see her groom. It was too funny for words. Everyone was dying laughing.

Susie had some of her good friends hand her flowers for her bouquet while she was walking down the isle. This was such a great idea as she got to give them each a hug and assemble a beautiful bouquet.

Jay and Susie are self proclaimed foodies. I have to say, the food was pretty dang good.

Some bad ass champagne sabering. Make it RAINNNNNN!

Susie & Jay – you two are so uniquely “you”. Your wedding day was such a reflection of your personalities and the fun that you have together. I’m so happy to have been not only able to witness these two days but thankful that you trusted me to document what I’m sure was the best party you have ever thrown. I’m sending you all my love and well wishes for the future.


Hair: Danielle Bennett

Makeup: Alex Forman

Wedding Dress: Patty Nayel from Pure Magnolia

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