36 weeks and counting // Real life pregnancy chronicles #7

36 weeks. OMG. This whole baby thing is really sneaking up on me. At one point the time was taking so long to pass and now it’s coming so quickly!  This little girl is running out of room in my stomach and I think we are both getting a bit uncomfortable.  I don’t even understand how the human body can stretch out so much….sometimes I just look at my stomach and marvel at how amazing we are to be able to grow a full human inside of us.

I’m still feeling under the weather after having the worst f-ing cold of my life. I’m on day 10 right now and am so done. I’m not a big medication taker but man would I have loved something to relieve me of the brutal sinus headaches.  I know you can take Tylenol but honestly after I made it through the first 5 days drug free I thought I should just power through the last part. If I’m planning on having a natural birth I have to be able to live through a cold. A little suffering to prepare, you know…..ain’t no thang.  I was sick during our family photo shoot last weekend with Indy & Feather Photography but I caked on the makeup and rallied. We’ve seen a few previews and they are great – I can share a few below and will share more when I receive the gallery!

Baby continues to grow, and grow. I’m officially massive now.  It’s no joke. Besides this cold, I haven’t been experiencing anything too uncomfortable.  It’s bizarre because I had way more heartburn in my second trimester than I have had my whole third. I do wake up a few times a night if I roll onto my back because the baby is so big that I really feel the pressure if I’m not on my back.  Thank god for my snoogle which by the way I’m keeping in bed after I have this baby!

We had baby shower #1 last weekend and got superrrr spoiled.  The baby got the most beautiful crib sheet and blanket set plus a ton of cute clothes and shoes as well as a myriad of other useful stuff that was on my baby registry. My room currently looks like I’m a hoarder but I am trying to ignore the clutter because there really isn’t too much I can do for the time being. I have to succumb to the fact that we are going to be a bunch of crammed sardines in our condo until June. It is what it is. My second baby shower (the work one) is December 1st so we’ll see how much more room we have to make for other stuff!  I am so thankful to have such a great group of friends and family that are so generous to buy us all this baby stuff. It really is expensive having a baby (who knew someone so little needs so much stuff?!) and it’s been a huge relief having so much help from people.  We also finished our baby class which I can’t say enough positive things about.  Momma’s to be reading this – I would be happy to provide you with her info if you are interested!

My prediction is I have this baby on December 18th which gives me a solid 3 weeks to really get organized and try to get some R&R before life gets CRAZY. I would love to hear your predictions – when do you think I’m going to have this baby and how big do you think she will be?  And if you say I’m having her in January I may just hunt you down.

Here are a few of our sneak peeks from our photo shoot:

I’m truly amazed that we (and by we I mean I) didn’t break this fence…..


-getting edumacated at our baby class

-baby shower love from all my friends – so much fun!

-I’m pretty certain my baby is going to be a bad ass kickboxer – she is seriously strong


-this cold

-no seriously, this cold is killing me

-sore feet! My feet are even sore when I get up in the morning after sleeping for 9 hours – how is that even possible?

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