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Victoria Family Photos // The Barr Family

I’ve been dying to share these Victoria family photos of the Barr family!   This session took place on top of Mount Doug so we had some of the nicest views of the city behind us.  Of course the view had nothing on the sweet faces of these kiddos !  Look at these munchkins!  There’s something about a baby in a fur vest that I just cannot get enough of and I can’t be the only one.
I met Courtney and Eric at a wedding many years ago.  We kept in touch somewhat over social media and virtually I’ve watched first her and Eric get married, but also their little family grow into a bigger one. And now they are expecting a third to join their clan!  So so exciting! I look forward to more Victoria family photos with this family as they expand. One of my favourite parts of of my job is the connections you make with people. I have probably said this one hundred times before so I apologize if I sound like a broken record. But it’s true!  It’s hard to think of another line of work where you can randomly meet so many people at one time and connect with them so well that you get to keep in touch over the years and watch their lives grow and change.
Here are a few of my favourite photos from this Victoria family photo session!  I just love how much love there is here! You can really see the happiness present and it just makes me so thankful to document playful moments like these for families!  Thanks for being here to every single one of you- I sincerely appreciate you all.

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