Victoria Family Photographer // Mount Tolmie // Avelino Family

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I get questions about family photos all the time and it’s making me realize I should probably post more family photo shoots!  Generally speaking, YES I do family photos. That being said I am first and foremost a wedding photographer so I only do them when I have time which is usually the off-season (spring + fall). That being said – I’ve photographed Adriane, Derek and Izzy before AND I shot their wedding in 2018 so of course I made time in my busy schedule for them when they were in town last summer.

Every time I photograph this little angel I just can’t believe how perfect she is. She truly is like a little doll.  And you should hear her talk!  It’s like that little cute gremlin (Gizmo?) talking about something you have no idea of but god damn is it ever ADORABLE.  And her parents are ok too….I mean come on!  The genetics in this family are off the charts. 

We picked a warm, sunny evening and explored the always gorgeous Mount Tolmie. It’s one of my favorite locations in town because of how (mostly) kid friendly it is combined with that view. Plus it gets pretty great sun up there. 

It’s always a pleasure to photograph these three and catch up on life since they moved off the Island. I know they are dying to come back so here’s to hoping I’ll see you guys more in 2020!!  At the very least we talked about making this an annual tradition so I’ll see you soon-ish!

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