Friday Randomness

I would do a “favorite things Friday” but to be honest I”m kind of exhausted and cranky today so finding favorite things may be hard. Instead let’s go for a little dry humour!  

Ok maybe I lied, here is one that could be filed under favorite things. Yum.

Oh and Steve Carell.  Freaking love him.

All I can think of is putting on my pyjamas. And by PJ’s I mean white fleece pjs that are slightly too short with penguins all over them. Hot! 

I also feel completely lethargic these days. I’m sure it’s just the weather but seriously. I can’t even get it together enough to go for a walk. I have grand delusions of getting up at 6am and hitting the gym but really…it’s just not happening. Anyone else feeling this way?

You would think that if I can’t exercise regularly I should be at least eating healthy right?  Hellll to the no!  I swear I’m going to get scurvy soon. Vegetables have not been making regular appearance in my fridge. It’s all about the cheese these days!  And chocolate. And cookies. And ice cream. 

Also, is it too much to ask for an afternoon siesta every day?  How much more productive would we all be at work? 

That’s my Friday rant of randomness. Oh and also this. Because it’s hilarious. 

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