I Heart Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. It’s still sunny a lot of the time but the air becomes crisp and it’s always so refreshing outside. Not to mention the beautiful natural backdrop for photos. Most people start their resolutions in January but fall always feels like a new beginning for me. Summer is over […]

Vanessa & Nigel

Vanessa was a pleasure to work with. Uninhibited, daring, beautiful, glowing and imaginative are only a few of the words I can think of to describe her. It’s always fun to shoot somebody that embraces their natural beauty, especially in month 9 of pregnancy. Within seconds of meeting up Vanessa confessed that she “wanted to […]

Sheena & Frank

  I was super excited to shoot the beautiful Sheena (and her partner Frank), mostly because it was my first maternity shoot but also because her and Frank and good friends and I knew she was really looking forward to getting these pictures done. We got together in early October and only a couple weeks […]